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January 1, 2013 | By Rachel Leone
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The Wellness Nutrition, LLC
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Product Name:
Nutraelle DigestiveCare

CFU Strength:
10 Billion Colony Forming Units

Multi-Strain Formula:

One capsule daily, preferably with a meal

Does not contain lactose, soy, gluten, egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, chromium, iron, turkish rhubarb root, senna or cascara.

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Product Summary:

A once-a-day capsule delivers 10 billion probiotic bacteria, or good bacteria, into your intestinal flora.* Nutraelle DigestiveCare may improve the symptoms associated with occasional episodes of diarrhea and constipation.*

Nutraelle DigestiveCare can help relieve digestive discomfort, replenish healthy intestinal flora, and support the body's natural defenses.* Each capsule contains 10 Billion CFUs of Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium Bifidum including Inulin (chicory root) to help grow and colonize the good bacteria inside your digestive tract.* Inulin is also known as a prebiotic. Prebiotics, insoluble fibers your body cannot digest, serve as the primary food source for probiotic bacteria.

Key Ingredients:
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus 5 Billion CFUs
  • Bifidobacterium Bifidum 5 Billion CFUs
  • Inulin Powder (chicory root) Also known as a prebiotic: helps the new good bacteria grow and colonize in your digestive tract

Other Ingredients:
  • Cellulose capsule, vegetable magnesium stearate.

Product Features:
  • No refrigeration required.
  • 5 billion CFUs of Lactobacillus Acidophilus per capsule.
  • 5 Billion CFUs of Bifidobacterium Bifidum per capsule.
  • Contains prebiotic.
  • Guaranteed effective until date of expiration.
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus targets the small and large intestine.
  • Bifidobacterium Bifidum targets the colon.
  • No calories, sugar, saturated fat or cholesterol.
  • All-natural vegetable capsules, no gelatin: OK for vegetarians.

General Claims:
  • Improves symptoms associated with occasional diarrhea and constipation.*
  • Convenient for travelers and lactose sensitive people.*
  • Relieves digestive discomfort.*
  • Helps maintain intestinal flora.*
  • Supports natural defenses.*
  • Formulated for ages 18 to 65+.

Product claims are made solely by the manufacturer. Statements made do not represent beliefs or opinions of Consumer discretion is advised.

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  • 3 Month Supply — 15% Savings (Enter coupon code for an additional $6.95 off.
    Coupon code: NTR-X41E01).
  • 1 Month Supply — $39.95 per bottle.
  • Optional subscription billing — 30, 60, and 90 days (includes free shipping).
  • Affordable shipping starts at $6.95.

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"I'm 66 years old and living well is an important aspect of my daily activities. I used to suffer from occasional constipation and diarrhea, and after taking Nutraelle DigestiveCare these digestive discomforts are no longer daily aspects of my life! Thank you."

John of Gainsville, Florida
"Nutraelle DigestiveCare has helped me in ways that I didn't think possible. I tried so many products in the market that I almost given up hope altogether. Nutraelle DigestiveCare is easy. I just took one capsule per day and my symptoms were alleviated. Thanks so much!"

Robert of San Francisco, California
"As a businessman, I travel frequently and have occasional episodes of diarrhea. After seeing my doctor, he recommended that I take a daily dosage of probiotics. I tried Nutraelle DigestiveCare for 3 weeks and since then; my occasional episodes of diarrhea have improved. Thanks Nutraelle DigestiveCare!"

Tony of Boston, Massachusetts
"I have tried other digestive health products out there, but none have come close in helping me with my digestive problems than Nutraelle DigestiveCare. I'm glad I found this great product online!"

Kimberly of San Francisco, California
"Sorry, didn't work for me. I returned it and got my money back sooner than expected. Although, I wouldn't recommend this product, but customer service was Exceptional!!!"

Mey of San Antonio, Texas
"I am 45 and wanted to let you know that Nutraelle DigestiveCare for the best part has been an ever changing life experience for me. I will forever be in your debt. Thank You!"

Jacklyn of Brooklyn, New York
"I first started taking Nutraelle DigestiveCare about a year ago and it has been a blissful year. No more gas and bloating, no more digestive problems. I seriously recommend this product to anyone who may have some form of digestive upset."

Colleen of Houston, Texas
"Even before I tried Nutraelle DigestiveCare, I could tell by reading the ingredients list that Nutraelle DigestiveCare would benefit me more than one way. I no longer have those occasional episodes of diarrhea, cramping, and bloating. Since then, I still take Nutraelle DigestiveCare once a day."

Casey of Albuquerque, NM
"After reading a recent article about how beneficial probiotics are in keeping a healthy lifestyle, I started to research products on the Internet. I came across Nutraelle DigestiveCare and have been satisfied since day one! Definitely, a product I will recommend to friends and family!"

Harris of Detroit, MI
"Among the entire list of probiotic products I've tried, to be honest, this product truly lived up to its reputation. At least it's a product that works in my opinion!!!"

Bernie of Rochester, NY
"I suffer from Gastritis ulcer, constipation and other stomach conditions and have been on Nutraelle Digestive Care for 2 months now. I'm extremely pleased with this product and will continue taking it for a full year to see if all my symptoms will go away. Also customer service was extremely helpful; my product was shipped to me immediately after i place my first order. I'm planning on buying the 6 month supply which is really affordable compare to other probiotic supplements products on the market today. I recommend Nutraelle Digestive Care to anyone looking for a probiotic product that works. Keep up with the good work!!!"

By Dolph
"I purchased Nutraelle DigestiveCare after a friend recommended it for my digestive troubles. I wasn't really expecting anything significant to come from the purchase - but boy was I surprised! My constipation is a thing of the past and I've never felt better. It's good to know that there are actually some products out there that actually do what they say they're going to do. I can't thank my friend enough for recommending Nutraelle to me."

By Barbara
"I have suffered from IBS-C for years with no avail. Lots of Dr. visits and trials and nothing seemed to work for me. I had severe cramping and constipation for years and finally decided to give Nutraelle a try after seeing 5 star reviews and they had a money back a coupon online. After only 2 days it had taken away my cramps, discomfort and worked in the constipation area. I have been taking for a little more than a week and I am now more normal than I have ever been. I will write an update after my 30 day trial, but am pretty excited to see such an improvement in my craming. I have been pretty impressed so far. No refrigeration required. No side affects so far. Compared to some of the other meds with horrible side affects, and tendencies to develop a habitual use (like with laxatives, etc) this is really a good product and safe. Who knew live bacteria would be so helpful? I had tried others before, but with no luck, not sure if the product had been refrigerated, as required, from distribution to retial, to purchase, so that might have been the issue with the others. This one doesnt require refrigeration, so that makes it more reliable and easy to use, wherever you go."

By bs

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