Florastor - Probiotic Supplement Review
January 1, 2013 | By Thomas Ehrman
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Biocodex USA
Customer Service: 1-877-356-7787

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Product Name:

CFU Strength:
5 Billion Colony Forming Units

Multi-Strain Formula:

One capsule daily.

Contains lactose and may contain traces of soy. Does not contain corn, egg protein, fish, gluten, latex, meat, nuts or shellfish.

$42.78 - Walmart.com | $69.85 - Amazon.com | $36.99 - Drugstore.com

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Product Summary:

Florastor has been studied and tested since 1953, and has been mentioned in Jama, AJG, and the Journals of Gastroenterology. Florastor uses a yeast form probiotic called Saccharomyces boulardii lyo. Florastor is doctor recommended to promote intestinal health.*

Key Ingredients:
  • Saccharomyces boulardii lyo – 250mg
  • Lactose – 33 mg

Other Ingredients:
  • Magnesium stearate, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, titanium dioxide.

Product Features:
  • Two capsules per day (one in the morning and one at bed time).
  • Unique yeast-form probiotic.
  • Adult and child formulas available

General Claims:
  • Promotes digestive health.*
  • Helps intestinal function.*
  • Maintains balance of intestinal flora.*

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  • $5 off coupons sometimes available through product website.

(Source: http://www.amazon.com)

"Product description didn't mention this product contains lactose. So many of us (especially with digestive problems) are lactose intolerant. Why is lactose needed, anyway? Other probiotics do not contain lactose, dyes or any other unnecessary inactive ingredient."

Skyland Ranch, Maine
"Very good product. I initially purchased a 50 count box after reading many reviews in an IBS forum and researching the company. I take one a day with (1) 40mg of Nexium to help with my IBS-D and excessive gas symptoms. I have since been on this product for 4 months and it has greatly improved my IBS-D symptoms. Today, I purchased the 6 pack. It's well worth the money if you have IBS with D and gas symptoms."

L. Norton, Utah
"I was given a sample of florastor by a friend whose father is a doctor in Canada. I have celiac disease and uncomfortable digestive system symptoms. I've tried probiotics sold at my local store and I've tried all kinds of yogurts, but they didn't help me. I'm taking Florastor about once a week and I'm feeling significantly better."

K. LaPoint
"After a painful two month battle with a severe yeast infection in my milk ducts, fought with strong antifungals, probiotics, and a whole regimin to get rid of it, my doctor and an infectious diseases doctor told me there was no hope. I quit all meds and got on Florastor as a last-ditch effort, and within four days was breastfeeding pain free!!! This stuff worked a miracle and quickly brought my yeast problem under control. Terrific product! Highly recommended!!!"

Jamie G., Florida
"This probiotic was recommended by my doctor. It's the only high quality one I know of that is shelf stable and doesn't have to be refrigerated. Besides balancing the flora in the digestive tract, it is helpful for keeping bowels regular, as it has done for my elderly mom who was on chemo."

Emily's Library
"This is a very expensive product especially purchased in quantity. I ordered four bottles and only received two. I had to contact them
about it and they did correct it and send me the other two but it was kind of a pain to have to do that."

"Product description didn't mention this product contains lactose. So many of us (especially with digestive problems) are lactose intolerant. Why is lactose needed, anyway? Other probiotics do not contain lactose, dyes or any other unnecessary inactive ingredient."

Skyland Ranch (Maine, USA)
"Florastor was recommended by my son's doctor to help curb his colitis and restore beneficial bacteria. However, florastor uses milk products in the manufacturing of their capsuels, and it increased the number of bowl movements, and increased his flair-ups. If someone has severe colitis, we recommend a probiotic such as VSL#3. It has a greater number of beneficial bacteria, and the traces of milk used in the manufacturing process appears to be insignificant. If you purchase VSL#3, purchase it from the manufacture. They have the best pricing and ship for free."

Carl "Carl" (Perry, GA)
"After reading what several users had to say about this product, I ordered it with great anticipation. However, it only increased my intestine problems. It might be that my alergy to dairy products, not only lactose intolerant, was set off by the residual dairy in this product. So, my unscientific report is, if you are alergic to dairy this product may not work for you."

Bill Wilcox (Texas, USA)
"I was advised by my doctor to take this probiotic. I have Diverticulitis and need to pump good bacteria into my system everyday. I also need to keep moving my bowels. Constipation would surely cause another attack for me. I was using Ultimate 10 from Vitamin World, and was doing just fine. When I finished the bottle my doctor wanted me to switch to Florastor, but it constipated me and had to stop using it. It was pretty expensive and I would like to know if Amazon will take it back, and refund my money. I only took it for about 8 days."

michele cooper (Lindenhurst, NY United States)

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