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January 1, 2013 | By Rachel Leone
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1 Billion Colony Forming Units

Multi-Strain Formula:

One capsule daily, preferably with a meal

Does not contain lactose, soy or gluten.

Differs per retailer

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Product Summary:

Align is a well known probiotic supplement that helps build and maintain a healthy digestive system, restores the natural balance of the digestive tract, and relieves occasional digestive upsets.* Align offers an exclusive probiotic strain under the trademark name Bifantis®.

Bifantis® is more commonly known as Bifidobacterium Infantis 35624. Each capsule of Align contains 1 Billion CFUs and is recommended by gastroenterologists, according to Align's website and Wolters Kluwer 2010 survey.

Key Ingredients:
  • Bifidobacterium Infantis 35624 (Bifantis®) – 1 Billion CFUs

Other Ingredients:
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose (for even dispersal of cultures), Hypromellose (Vegetarian Capsule Shell), Sugar, Magnesium Stearate (For even dispersal of cultures), Milk Protein (Lactis Proteinum), Titanium Dioxide, Sodium Citrate Dihydrate, Propyl Gallate (anti-oxidant stabilizer), FD&C Blue 1 (CI 42090), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) (colorant).

Product Features:
  • One capsule per day.
  • 1 Billion CFUs of Bifidobacterium Infantis 35624 (Bifantis®).
  • Clinically studied probiotic strain.
  • Contained in blister packets - ensures long life.

General Claims:
  • Builds and maintains a healthy digestive system.*
  • Restores natural digestive balance.*
  • Protects against occasional digestive upsets.*

Product claims are made solely by the manufacturer. Statements made do not represent beliefs or opinions of Consumer discretion is advised.

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  • P&G product coupons, worth more than $50, available within each box of 42-count Align (select retailers only).
  • Discounts available through P&G brandSaver.

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"I've tried tons of supposed "cures" before - Zelnorm never worked for me, and neither have over-the-counter medication. Special teas and other foods just made me even sicker, and I finding meals every night that wouldn't leave me in pain was quite the chore. Align was a last-ditch effort for me, and I am absolutely floored by it. Within a couple of days of taking it, I noticed a difference, and a week later, I'd never felt better since I was a teenager. With the exception of chocolate (alas!), all of my previous trigger foods no longer affect me. If I were a religious person, I'd almost want to call this a miracle. If you have IBS or other digestive conditions, and your doctor does NOT seem to really take you seriously (mine kept attributing my condition to anxiety, when anyone who knows me knows that I am extremely laid-back and stress-free), then you should definitely try Align."

Lindsay Wylie, Ontario, Canada
"I have been taking this product for two months on the recommendation of my doctor. I have been having major gastrointestinal problems over the past year and a half and I have tried every diet, medication and procedure you can think of to try and diagnose and eliminate the problem. Align is sort of a last ditch effort. Oddly enough, I feel better overall (more energy, less anxiety over my symptoms, etc.) but the actual gastrointestinal upsets haven't gone away, although they may have lessened in severity. I'm going to give Align one more month and then go off it to see if my improvements are due to the probiotics or something else."

K. Goodwin
"This was recommended to me by my GI since I can no longer (obviously) take Zelnorm which worked wonders for me and Amitiza made me miserable enough to stop taking it and just try to deal with my symptoms. This OTC really works. I have IBS-C, not sure how it would work if anyone out there has IBS-D but it worked for me."

JC, Texas
"I started taking align from the suggestion of a friend who suffered from similar IBS. She had great success with the product. I did not. Align just brought me from one extreme to another. I dealt with the bloating and constipation the 1st week because you're warned this side effect is a possibility in the beginning. But the second week was worse, the 3rd week worse than that and after a month I would have given anything to suffer from IBS again. I looked six months pregnant from the bloat. I've stopped taking it and am anxiously awaiting the cessation of these terribly uncomfortable side effects."

"I have dealt with IBS for over five years. I was introduced to Align by my gastroentrologist. I took it for several months with good results and then I started having occular migraines. I stopped the Align for several days, the occular migraines stopped. Then took one again - another occular migraine. In spite of the relief of some of my IBS symptoms that I gained from Align, I had to stop again. Then I read in the reviews about the chemicals in the casing. Evidently the chemicals had built up in my system and reached an overload. It took me several weeks to realize that I could open the capsule empty the ingredients in food and throw away the casing and chemicals. I have done that for about a week now, with no occular migraine. So, I have ordered more Align from Amazon and hopefully, I will be taking it into the future."

"I was having some abdominal twinges and periodic constipation so a Gastro MD recommended a laxative (Miralax) which after 3 days hadn't worked at all and in fact the first day or so made the problem worse! and the Align. Align did make my stomach feel better and help the other problem but after 4 days of taking it I broke out in a rash on my arms and legs, then spread to my torso. Had the rash for a week --wouldn't go away--and couldn't figure out how I got it since nothing else in my life was new. Finally decided to test to see if it was the Align. Stopped taking it for a weekend and lo and behold! Rash went away. I have not see anyone else discuss this problem on this site. Has anyone else experienced this taking Align?"

Ellis Kraus "Expert on politics and student..." (Encinitas, CA)
"I had been using Digestive Advantage IBS for about 5 years when my local pharmacy changed hands and stopped carrying it,and I was off it about a month before they started carrying this Align product. I had heard so much about it recently that I decided to give it a try despite it being almost $30 for a month supply as opposed to $25 for 3+ months of the Digestive Advantage stuff. In the end that really doesn't matter if it works, but it didn't. By the time I went on it I had a severe recurrence of my IBS symptoms (in fact *every* symptom that Align is supposed to treat). I didn't expect immediate results having been off a probiotic for a month, but after a week I only saw a slight decrease in the amount of gas, bloating, and pain I was experiencing. After a month I broke down and ordered a big box of Digestive Advantage IBS from amazon, because though Align did reduce my symptoms by about 50% that just wasn't enough to justify spending more money on a product that worked less for me."

nic (los angeles, CA)
"I tried Align, on my doctor's recommendation, in response to a c-difficile issue resulting from multiple antibiotic use, which tends to endanger or diminish the prevalence of 'good bacteria' in the gut. I experienced severe body-wide itching as a response. After stopping it, the itching subsided. When I tried it again, the same itching came back. I switched to Flora-Q, which contains four different ingredients (instead of Align's single bacteria strain), and had excellent results. I also used RisaQuad, a generic equivalent to Flora-Q, also with excellent results. I did report the itching to Align's manufacturer, and got a lackadaisical response. If there are others with the same experience, it can be useful to share that in a forum such as this, so that Align's manufacturers may want to take that seriously."

W.M. Moss (NC)
"I tried this product after seeing it recommended on a sarcoidosis support web-site. It did seem to help some people when their sarcoid progressed to intestinal problems. I was hopeful that it might work for me. And with Amazon's subscribe & save program the price is amazing. Unfortunately, it didn't seem help me at all. Of course, with sarcoid it would put to an extreme test. Under normal circumstances it might be very different."

Sharon Sassano

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