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July 18, 2012 | By Tom Dixon

The best probiotic supplements can provide an easy way to improve your bodily functions for better health.* The most natural way to get probiotics, beneficial bacteria, into your diet is through food. But, the modern Western diet makes it difficult to do so.

Typical processed foods kill off your body's natural probiotics. Food preferences and intolerances make proper nutrition more of a challenge. Yogurt, kefir and other cultured dairy products can be excellent sources of beneficial bacteria, but these foods may not suit everyone's needs.

It could be difficult to obtain probiotic benefits from food sources, if you don't consume them generously on a daily basis. Probiotic dietary supplements provide a simple alternative.*

Probiotic supplements should contain a minimum of 10 billion live bacteria in a single dose. The bacteria should be from one or more members of the Lactobacillus family. Lactobacilli are one of the most beneficial bacteria strains that could be introduced to the gastrointestinal tract.* They help bring balance back to the body.*

A good probiotic supplement will also contain a source of nutrition to help the bacteria grow - inulin.* This will help keep the beneficial bacteria alive, both in the capsule and after ingestion into your body.* Dead bacteria provide no health benefits.

Probiotic supplements should be taken daily, since the body constantly kills off bacteria.* Over time, you should reach a healthy balance of good bacteria.* Your body functions best with a higher ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria.*

Probiotic supplements should contain bacteria that have not been tampered or altered in any way. Choose probiotic supplements that are harvested from organic vegetable sources. Cheap supplements harvest their bacteria from animal fecal sources. Yes, you read it correctly, fecal. By choosing organic sourced probiotic dietary supplements, you are insuring you get the best supplement for your body.*

The best probiotic supplements help balance the alkalinity or acidity of the intestines.* When healthy bacteria are reintroduced to the body, the amount of bad bacteria is reduced. This helps detoxify the body of harmful chemicals typical of a Western diet.

Bacteria balance also helps digest proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins.*

To lead a healthy lifestyle, along with a clean diet and an exercise regimen, make probiotic supplements part of your daily regimen.*

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