Temporary, Gassy Probiotic Side Effects Are Mild
November 3, 2012 | By Thomas Ehrman

You might have heard that probiotics cause you to stink up the room. Think about where that gas is coming from. Few people experience this reaction. But, if you end up being one of these rare cases, wouldn't you rather that gas be released, than allowing it to linger and cause worse effects inside the only body you have?

A bacterial imbalance causes toxins to build up in your body. Excessive amounts of bad bacteria create digestive discomfort. When beginning a probiotic regimen, your body needs time to adjust to the beneficial bacteria being introduced. During this period, it's normal for your body to release unwanted toxins.

Probiotic side effects are rare, usually mild, and last for a short period of time.* Since probiotics naturally exist in your body, your system should adapt quickly. After the additional beneficial bacteria grow and multiply inside your digestive system, balance should be reestablished.*

In the mean time, the most commonly reported probiotic side effects are bloating and gas, built up from the unwanted toxins. Once your body reaches the ultimate balance of good and bad bacteria, these temporary probiotic side effects should end. *

If excessive amounts of probiotics are introduced too quickly, temporary side effects are more likely. Make sure to read the labels of every product you consume. Follow the instructions, and side effects should be minimal. If you're taking more than the recommended dosage, go back to the suggested amount. If your doctor recommends a higher dosage, then gradually increase your intake. This allows time for the body to adjust to the new influx of good bacteria.

Probiotics are not recommended for people with a compromised immune system, unless specifically suggested by a medical expert. Probiotic side effects could be severe, if your immune system does not function normally. Fungal infections have been known to occur to people with serious health conditions. If you have any question about your immune system, or any other health concerns, you should consult your doctor.

Probiotics can support a moderately healthy person's natural defenses.*

So, you choose. Releasing harmful toxins from your body in the form of gas is normal and healthy for you. Even though you may fart or burp a little when you begin the probiotic path to relief, these minor side effects will not be around for long.* A daily probiotics regimen can help regulate your digestive system long-term.*

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