Using Inulin FOS To Achieve Better Health
January 13, 2013 | By Thomas Ehrman

For millions of people, unknown causes of indigestion are constantly ruining their favorite meals, movies and events.

When you don't know the cause for your occasional constipation, diarrhea, or bloating, food can start being seen as a threat. Many people think over-the-counter remedies are their only hope, but natural substances, like Inulin Fructooligosaccharides, have been shown to work faster.*

Many inulin supplements are available in health food stores, but knowing which supplements to choose can be difficult.

Understanding Inulin FOS

In today's health market, you don't have to read many supplement labels to know that the ingredients can sound just as artificial as the back of a highly processed dessert.

Although it may sound like a futuristic lab-made chemical, inulin FOS is a naturally occurring substance. Inulin supplements, effective by flora fermentation in the gut, are made from a natural fiber found in non-starchy root vegetables available in your grocery store.* Fructooligosaccharides are soluble fibers crucial to proper digestive function.

What are the Benefits of Inulin Oligofructose?

Many people know that fiber is important for digestive health, so they make sure to eat foods high in fiber. However, inulin FOS can provide further support, as such:

  • Inulin fiber dissolves in water, making it easy for your body to accept.*
  • Inulin FOS is resistant to absorption in the upper gastrointestinal tract, having an immediate cleansing effect.*
  • Inulin supplements stay intact through travel to the large intestines. They then, in the gut, become fermented by good bacteria.*
  • Inulin fiber also acts as a prebiotic, clearing the way for beneficial bacteria that support natural defenses and make it easier for your body to digest food nutrients.*

What's the Best Way to Ingest Inulin Fiber?

Food sources of inulin FOS, include:

  • Dahlias
  • Asparagus
  • Bananas
  • Jerusalem artichokes
  • Salsify
  • Wheat
  • Chicory
  • Onions
  • Garlic

If you're not able to eat a substantial amount of these foods on a daily basis, you can take a probiotic supplement containing inulin FOS. This will be a source of both prebiotics and probiotics to help ease your digestive discomfort.*

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