Indigestion Remedies That Really Work
February 3, 2012 | By Anita Jackson USA, LLC

Eating food is one of the most enjoyable things humans must do for survival. Although we don't need to eat exotic and varied foods just to keep on breathing, a diverse diet is often one of the best ways to provide our body with necessary nutrients. If you worry about how your body will react to certain foods, it may be time to explore indigestion remedies.

Do You Need Acid Indigestion Remedies?

A majority of mature adults, following a typical western diet high in processed foods, are frequently in need of indigestion remedies. Considering natural remedies for indigestion, or acid indigestion should be on the list before trying medications.

Studying your eating habits and their effects on your body, as well as increasing physical activity should be priorities. Clean up your diet by eliminating processed foods including meat, dairy and/or gluten. You may be shocked by the benefits you gain.

Regardless of what acid indigestion remedies are chosen, it's essential to take action immediately. Failure to use remedies for indigestion could cause permanent damage to the stomach, esophagus and overall health.

Signs You May Need Indigestion Remedies

Symptoms of indigestion vary. If you consistently suffer from indigestion after changing your lifestyle, it's recommended to seek medical advice. These are the most common indigestion symptoms:

  • Heartburn
  • Burping
  • Flatulence
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Growling stomach
  • Acidic taste in your mouth
  • A bloated or full feeling, even when you first start eating

Remedies For Indigestion You Should Try

Since the most common cause for indigestion is a result of eating certain foods, we again recommend analyzing your eating habits and physical activity levels.

  • Keep a daily log of the foods you eat and how you feel. You may see a pattern and start recognizing which foods are causing your discomfort. Dairy, conventional meats, citrus, tomatoes, caffeine and spicy foods are the most common. The best indigestion remedy for you may be to eliminate these foods from your diet.
  • If you drink carbonated or sugary drinks, try replacing them with water. Drink a minimum of eight glasses of water per day. Your body needs pure water to properly digest the food you consume, more so if you eat many processed foods.
  • Begin an exercise program. Physical activity helps oxygen flow throughout your body, supporting a better functioning digestive system.

If you've already changed your diet, are physically active, and are still in need of remedies for indigestion, you should seek medical advice.

Probiotics as Indigestion Remedies

Probiotics can help support your body through the digestive process.* Indigestion can sometimes be caused by an imbalance, where bad bacteria overpower beneficial bacteria. When taken on a daily basis, probiotic supplements have been known to restore the natural balance of healthy bacteria that lives in your digestive system.*

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