Acid Reflux Symptoms, From Stomach to Throat
March 20, 2013 | By Anita Jackson USA, LLC
Acid reflux occurs when gastric juices from the stomach are pushed up into the esophagus. This can be caused by eating too fast or too much, or excessive acid production in the stomach.

You may also experience acid reflux if there are problems with the esophageal valve at the top of the stomach. If left unaddressed, this can lead to scarring, since the acid eats away at the esophagus.

The most common symptoms of acid reflux are what most people refer to as heartburn. That is the burning feeling that goes from the stomach up into the throat. It often has an aftertaste and creates pain. It most often occurs after a large meal, when bending over or lying down.

Dyspepsia, often referred to as indigestion, is another one of the most commonly occurring acid reflux symptoms. This differs from occasional heartburn in that there is fullness in the stomach, causing pain and discomfort. Nausea and regurgitation can also occur.

Many people have the worst acid reflux symptoms when they lay down to go to sleep at night. The easiest way to prevent these acid reflux symptoms is to eat smaller meals no later than two to three hours before bedtime. This helps prevent an overfull stomach from expelling acid when you lay down. USA, LLC
Other less commonly occurring acid reflux symptoms can be seen away from the stomach area.

  • Acid laryngitis and trouble swallowing.
  • Asthmatic symptoms can occur in some people.
  • Chronic nausea and vomiting.
  • Chest pain. It can feel like food is lodged in the area of the back side the breastbone. Chest pain can also be a symptom of a heart attack or angina. If you have any doubts, call a doctor or head to the emergency room immediately.

Acid Reflux Food to Avoid USA, LLC

Acid reflux is often caused by eating foods your body is sensitive to. When you experience acid reflux symptoms, think about what foods you have eaten that may have caused your discomfort. Avoiding these foods is the simplest way to alleviate acid reflux. These foods commonly cause acid reflux:
  • Greasy foods - hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza
  • Foods or liquids high in citric acid, such as orange juice and tomato sauce
  • Carbonated sodas
  • Spicy foods like Thai, Indian, Mexican
  • Dairy products

If your acid reflux symptoms occur frequently, consult a doctor. Severe acid reflux can be an indicator of other underlying health issues.

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George McQueen
I wish I could shake my acid reflux symptoms. I think i may need to go see my doc! @Ab, talk to your doctor buddy!
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Does anyone know how to stop these symptoms naturally?
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love this website. very informative. haven't seen anything out there so far!
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Has these issues for far too long. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
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